The use of e-cigarettes has increased dramatically throughout the United States. One of the most notable e-cigarette brands to have risen to the top is JUUL®. Founded as JUUL Labs®, the company has been manufacturing vape pens for the mass market for years.

Although the company claims their products help smokers quit, many people end up changing addictions, from smoking to JUULs®. Additionally, the company has come under fire for targeting underage children and teens in their marketing campaigns.

What are JUULs?

JUULs® are a discreet battery-powered smoking device that delivers large doses of nicotine through vapor inhalation. Unlike a conventional cigarette, a JUUL® releases “vapor”, which is created by the rapid heating of a metal coil which is surrounded by fluid.

All JUUL® vaporizers consist of just two components: the battery and the cartridge. The battery is the rechargeable component that delivers the power needed to heat up the liquid and turns it into a vapor. The cartridge sits on top of the battery and contains the liquid to be combusted (often referred to as “e-juice” or “vape juice”). The batteries are small and can easily be hidden in backpacks or purses.

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These cartridges come in a variety of flavors, such as cereal flavors, which can be appealing to underage children. The scentful smell the vapor contains can also make it difficult for parents or teachers to detect, since they do not carry the pungent odor cigarettes do.

Although the battery itself is reusable, users are required to purchase a new cartridge each time theirs runs empty from fluid, which typically happens after roughly 200 “puffs” according to JUUL® themselves. These highly concentrated doses of nicotine can have adverse side effects on underage youth brain development.


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The Lawsuits

In recent years, JUUL Labs® has come under scrutiny after receiving accusations that the company purposefully targets minors and underage users in its marketing campaigns. Since coming onto the market in June 2015, use of JUULs® has exploded 7x by 2018. Now JUUL Labs® controls well over two-thirds of the entire e-cigarette market.

Thousands of underage children and teens across America also began to use the device, which led to increasing concern from parents and educators. Many parents alleged that JUUL® purposefully targeted minors in its marketing campaigns. Additionally, many believe that JUUL® creates colorful and fruity flavored cartridges to knowingly and purposefully capture the attention of children.

Children as young as 8 years old have been known to have experimented with vaping devices such as JUUL®. The FDA has sent multiple warning letters to brands such as JUUL® who tend to use children's candy and cereal as flavors to attract young smokers.

JUUL® and Hospitalizations

The dangers with JUUL® do not just end at its marketing to children. The FDA is now investigating how hundreds of teens across America have become hospitalized with a severe mystery lung illnesses. Some have also died from their lung illness. Many experts believe that the JUUL® vaporizer is the cause of these hospitalizations. The FDA has given JUUL® just 10 days to prove that their products are safer than cigarettes.

JUUL’s® marketing also serves as evidence that the brand purposely and knowingly targeted underage children and teens. Those who marked themselves as “underage” on JUUL’s® website were added to an email list that allowed JUUL Labs® to send these knowingly underage children marketing materials and advertisements.

Final Note

Across America, thousands of underage children and teenagers have experimented with vaping products such as JUUL®. If you or a loved one has become addicted to JUUL® and are now suffering adverse side effects, the team at USA Consumer Network can help. Let our team connect you with a team of attorneys for a 100% free consultation here.


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