In recent months, hundreds of children and young adults have become hospitalized with mysterious lung illness. Some of those hospitalized have also died from collapsed lungs and other unidentified lung diseases.

Unfortunately, many of those who fell ill became sick after using JUUL®, a popular electronic cigarette that can easily be purchased, even if underage. Now, many children as young as 8 years old have become addicted, and nobody is sure how to stop them.

Now hundreds of parents and young teens are taking JUUL® to court to receive compensation for irreversible physical damage caused by JUUL®.

Timeline of Events

Sept. 12, 2018 - The FDA Calls Teen Vaping an "Epidemic"

The FDA Commissioner at the time, Dr. Gottlieb, issued a statement calling teen vaping an "epidemic". He urged the e-cigarette industry to remove their flavored products from the market.

Nov 18, 2018 - JUUL® Shuts Down All of Their Social Media Accounts

The FDA expressed grave concern that JUUL® was marketing their products to children through social media. This led the company to shut down its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

March 13, 2019 - The FDA Restricts The Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products

The FDA issued new guidelines that restricted the sale of most flavored e-cigarette juices at convenience stores, gas stations, and pharmacies.

Aug. 7, 2019 - The FDA Receives 127 Reports of Vaping-Related Seizures

FDA released a statement saying that they had received 127 reports of seizures that occurred from vaping.

Aug. 29, 2019 - FTC Investigates JUUL's® Marketing Tactics

The Wall Street Journal found that the FTC launched an investigation into JUUL® to see if the company purposefully targeted minors. The FTC may seek monetary compensation.

Sept. 9, 2019 - FDA Warns JUUL® After They Claim JUUL® is "Safer" Than Other Products

The Wall Street Journal found that the FTC launched an investigation into JUUL® to see if the company purposefully targeted minors. The FTC may seek monetary compensation.


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What Did JUUL® Do Wrong?

Like the cigarette giants before them, JUUL® knowingly and purposefully targeted minors in an attempt to hook them from an early age. Additionally, the company claims that their product is "far safer" than any alternative, yet has provided no scientific evidence supporting this.

Now parents and minors are joining class-action lawsuits to get the compensation they deserve.

Purposefully Targeted Minors

JUUL® has come under fire for purposefully targeting minors in their marketing. It was recently discovered that JUUL® representatives paid a charter school $200,000 to present a "holistic health education course", where JUUL® representatives told students that their product was "totally safe" in a classroom with no teachers present.

Additionally, when users marked themselves as being underage on JUUL's® website, the company automatically added those minors to their email marketing list, sending them product promotions and more.

A team of researched examined JUUL's advertisements from 2015 to fall 2018. After examining thousands of Instagram posts, emails, and other ads, the research team declared that JUUL's® marketing was completely "youth-orientated".

Ads created by JUUL® were filled with young and attractive models socializing and flirtingly sharing the JUUL® device with each other.

JUUL® Claimed Their Product Was "Safer"

One of the main reasons why thousands of Americans are joining class-action lawsuits against JUUL is because the company knowingly lied about the safety of their product in order to attract users.

Federal health authorities have blasted JUUL® for illegally claiming that their electronic cigarettes were a far safer alternative to smoking other products. The FTC has demanded that JUUL® stop making unproven claims for its products.

The FDA sent warning letters to JUUL® about making claims about their products "being much safer than cigarettes". However, never has a vaping device been proven to be less harmful than traditional tobacco products.

Final Note

Much like the big tobacco giants like Marlboro® and Camel®, JUUL's® marketing team knowingly and purposefully attempted to target underage minors in their marketing campaigns.

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